German Flexibility

For any one who grew up in a German-influenced household as I have, you know these two words are like oil and water.  There is no variance; there is no room for last-minute changes.  Everything is precisely planned and laid out with the intention of achieving a very specific outcome.

Adam on his way up.

Adam on his way up.

For anyone who grew up in theatre, you know this is not an industry for those who depend on constants.  The only constant is that something will change, and it may or may not be inconvenient (even THAT isn’t a guaranteed).  You grow and change every minute due to the microcosm of forces at work, and you must be ready for it.

Working with this ensemble has been every bit the miniature universe one would expect from the arts.  We collaborate and we have one common and definite goal.  That goal isn’t what anyone originally intended.  It grows and is created from an idea – a spark – in one person’s brain. Even the most prominent yoga master would balk at such lengths to which we have changed this plan, this goal, this …this story.

Our show has been one of hard German work and intense flexibility.  All everyone required of each other was the ability to stretch.  No one was as stiff as an overcooked loaf of Bauernbrot, but at the same time, they were willing to take someone else’s mold and try it on for size, and it was because we all stuck to the rules and stayed limber.