Nina’s Top Ten Reasons To Make Theatre As An Ensemble

1. When you doubt yourself, your collaborators will encourage you.

2. When you feel useless, there will be some way to be useful.

3. When you’re exhausted, they will revive you by dumping metaphorical fish water over your head.

4. You will never run out of ideas.

5. There will be snacks.  All the snacks. 

6. You will get to use the blackboard and the whiteboard and the bulletin board and all the sticky notes.

7. You will get to use your secondary skill sets, and the best ideas will come from non-whatevers.  Like the non-writers will tell all the best stories, and the non-actors will be glorious when you read new pages, and the non-designers will invent incredible visual moments, and they won’t even know how amazing they have been because it will just be a natural, organic discovery that comes from observation, love, and magic.

8. The laughing will be a thing.  All the laughing until your face hurts and your tummy hurts and you can’t stop and you won't stop. Can't you see it's we who own the night?

9. You will not be able to remember what parts of the play you made.  A lot of the parts will seem to have dropped in your laps from out of the sky from a wily but benevolent muse.  It will feel so much bigger than you and shouldn’t all theatre be like that?

10. You will learn everything.  You will become a better writer, a better human, and a better collaborator.  You will discover what you’re good at in a deeper way than ever before and you will fall deeply in love with all the people who went on this winding journey with you and you will feel the love coming back to you and you will become more confident and you will see that in the people you love and you will feel a deep sense of pride that you persevered through the times when you weren’t sure where you were all going or if you were ever going to get there.  And you will be humbled by the joy of rehearsals and dazzled by all the momentum of production and grateful for the daring, sweat and energy of all the actors and designers and stage managers and you won’t believe you actually made this beautiful, scary, hilarious, amazing play.

And one more for good luck:

11.  It’s fun. It’s just the funnest.