Boston Playwrights Theater Black Box Residency Time-lapse




From scraps to scripts! Our Black Box Fellowship at Boston Playwrights' Theatre in August 2014 allowed us to write, workshop, and read our latest script-in-progress: The Shiver Project. A major thank you to all the BPT personnel for giving us the time and space to work!

How May I Connect You? (Or, Scenes in a Key of D:\)

Missed our October 2013 production of HMICY?(O,SINKOD:\)? Watch it in its entirety at HowlRoundTV.

Prerecorded Content for HMICY?(O,SIAKOD:\)

A "live" portion of the play How May I Connect You? (Or, Scenes in a Key of D:\) with Louise Hamill, Gillian Mackay-Smith, Lynn Wilcott, and Sheldon Brown. Written by Gillian Mackay-Smith

Beep Me, Page Me -- a music video for How May I Connect You? (Or, Scenes in a Key of D:\). Lyrics by: Vicki Schairer. Music by: Thomas Blanford

Bonus Material from HMICY?(O,SIAKOD:\) and What Are You Doing Here?

Doctor Mosler makes a paleo-techonogical unveiling during How May I Connect You? (Or, Scenes in a Key of D:\) rehearsal.

The cast of What Are You Doing Here? thanks our supporters and audience members. 



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