Project: Project

... is a troupe producing ensemble-created, original stories that combine scripted material with improvisation. Preferring creating to interpreting, we explore and experiment with form, storytelling, and the role of the audience. What does all this mean? We're going to figure that out. Come and see what we find.


We promise to always start with a great idea. We promise to never do the same thing twice – unless we really like it. We promise to ask ourselves, and our community, “What have you always wanted to try?”

Our community is Culture.
Our community is Boston.
Our community is Ensemble.
Our community is You.


We Are

Alli Engelsma-Mosser 

Alli studied theatre and dance at Winona State University and received her Masters of Science in Arts Administration from Boston University.  She is the Special Events Manager at the Huntington Theatre Company. Alli's choreography has been seen in Boston with Bad Habit Productions (44 Plays for 44 Presidents), and at ImprovBoston and Club Oberon in T: An MBTA Musical. 

Before moving to Boston, Alli was the Primary Division Coordinator for the Louisville Ballet Company School, and has worked with the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival, Shakespeare Behind Bars, and the Great River Shakespeare Festival in Winona, MN. She has performed with Jan Street Dance Theatre and the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts. 

louise hamill.jpg

Louise Hamill

Louise Hamill is thrilled to be devising cool stuff with these cool cats. Louise studied theatre at Connecticut College, where she fell in love with acting and fashion history, and the British American Drama Academy, where she discovered her favorite museum, the National Portrait Gallery.  She has since worked with many companies both on and off stage in Boston, and is a founder and the artistic director of Fresh Ink Theatre, which focuses on developing and producing scripts with area playwrights. She is constantly looking for ways to expand her horizons and shoe collection, and is known to be mildly obsessed with giraffes.

nina louise morrison.jpg

Nina Louise Morrison

Nina Louise Morrison is a playwright, director, actor and dramaturg with an MFA from Columbia University. Her plays have been workshopped and produced by the One-Minute Play Festival, Company One, Fresh Ink Theatre Company, Wax Wings Productions, Bostonia Bohemia and Interim Writers. Before moving to Boston, Nina was the Senior Program Associate at the Philadelphia Theater Initiative. She studied acting at the National Theatre Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center, the New Actors Workshop, and Oberlin College. She currently teaches playwriting at Grub Street writing center in downtown Boston.


Jeffrey Mosser

Jeffrey Mosser is a director who likes generating as much as interpreting. Favorite directing experiences include Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, T: An MBTA Musical, and 44 Plays for 44 Presidents (for which he was also the national festival’s Social Media and Community Outreach Director). For Project: Project he has co-created and directed: What Are You Doing Here? and How May I Connect You (Or Scenes in a Key of D:\).

He’s trained with Augusto Boal, Dominique Serrand, Giovanni Fusetti, Liz Lerman, Pig Iron Theatre Company, Double Edge Theatre, ImprovBoston, and the inmates from Shakespeare Behind Bars (located within Luther Luckett medium-security prison). 

More at

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Cecelia Raker

Cecelia Raker is a Boston-based playwright, director, and dramaturg, and she is utterly thrilled to be collaborating with P:P. She is currently at work on a cycle of dance theater and multimedia performance pieces, as well as a few more traditional plays. Her work has had productions at the Loeb Experimental Theater at the A.R.T., Bostonia Bohemia, Company One, the Lensic Theater (Santa Fe, NM), and a variety of other venues. Cecelia was a finalist in the Jewish Plays Project's 2013 Contest, and her work was selected to be read at the Great Plains Theater Conference this coming May. A.B. Theater Arts from Harvard College.


Harry McEnerny V

Harry McEnerny V

Max Mondi

Max Mondi

Vicki Schairer

Vicki Schairer

Sophia Shrand

Sophia Shrand

Letters home from our emeriti

Hey Project: Project!
Hello from the Midwest! I miss you all. It's tough starting over in a new city where I can't just call people I trust to go over a new idea at a coffee shop or over tiny beers... but Chicago is full of generous, kind, creative minds, so I can't really complain. 
I've been cast in some scripted musical work, a dramatic improvised one-act WITH improvised stage combat (!!), and a small show at Second City. I'll also be continuing my goal to make everyone love science by working at the Museum of Science and Industry. The ball is rolling.

Best, Sophie

Hey all!
I'm so glad to hear you're all doing well! My update is that I'm moving to LA in 2 weeks. Maybe someday P:P will have productions in 4 cities across the county (dream big right) hearts hugs and kisses to you all!


Dear Project: Project,

Life in the big city is proving just as awesome as usual for this Vermont raised boy.  I've been applying for MFA programs all around the country and acting my FACE off whenever I can.  I do know one thing though, those skills I acquired as a boy scout in What Are You Doing Here will always stick with me!  I can make a MEAN cats eye.


Dear Project: Project,

I am trucking along in New York, working at NYU during the day, and writing/reading/submitting/existential crisis-ing at night.  I'm in two writers groups now, one started by Lia Romeo who worked with IW in Boston.  And a director is producing a workshop of my play, You Deserve Me, aiming to do that in the Spring.  Also, I am going to a Paula Vogel bootcamp in Philly next month.  Obvi, I'm pretty nervous, which means it's probably a good thing.  Working with and founding you has been one of the very rare moments of my life when I've felt like a true artist- unencumbered, autonomous, free to fail.  With that, no matter how long I am away, I am simply traveling on a trip, as you're forever my home.

- Max

PS - re: my sentimentality, a musician once told me, "If you're making nachos, you got to put some cheese on that."


Louise Hamill, Harry McEnerny V, Max Mondi, Jeffrey Mosser, Vicki Schairer, Sophia Shrand